OPHL Holdings (M) Sdn. Bhd. formerly known as One-Point Healthlab Sdn. Bhd. is a private and independent diagnostic laboratory that offers its services and partnership to the multilevel agriculture sectors in view of the sector’s economic importance and potential growth. The entity has its own well-equipped laboratory facilities and a team of trained expertise to deliver prompt and competent services. 

We has expanded our services for Halal and Toyyiban testing. The signatures of Halal Laboratory has embedded within OPHL name in Malaysia. The capacity and capability to offer broader range of test encompass from farm to table has ensure our reliability and accuracy results to be deemed as one of laboratories that could offer multitesting at a time, we have been and are continuing to embark on food safety and halal monitoring programs on global range.

The establishment of collaboration with expertise coming from local and international   universities, research centers specializing in various fields related to biotechnology, nano-technology, bio-industry, public health and  food safety, livestock diseases and animal feed quality has given us a boost on our commercialization stages from time to time.

Research & Development facilities for the enhancement of bio-organic products such as prebiotics, probiotics and other organic-based innovations is another forte under our wings which has attracted the attention of farm managers and practitioners, as an alternative to the chemically formulated feed enhancers and antibiotics.

As a laboratory that has been granted MS ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard by the Department of Standards Malaysia (STANDARDS MALAYSIA) under the National Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (SAMM). We have been certified that the general requirements for the competency of testing laboratories have been complied fully. The standard shows the competency of OPHL to perform at world standards and its ability to consistently produce valid and reliable results. As a company that  focuses on food safety and Halal verification, we are in a position to offer services and supports  to any establishment to become a one-stop centre testing facilities on raw ingredients to finished food, food ingredients, beverages, pharmaceuticals,  cosmetics and non-food products.  Our services and supports shall also include pursuing recognition by way of obtaining ISO/IEC 17025 Standard Certification on Laboratory Analysis.  Such standards and certification qualify an entity to become Halal Certifying Body which can be recognized by other International Food Safety and Halal Certifying Bodies worldwide. 

Quality, Confidentiality, Reliability

Organisation Structure:

Board of Directors:
  1. Pn. Rahmah Ab Rahman (Managing Director)
  2. YM Prof. Dato' Dr. Tengku Azmi Tengku Ibrahim (Director)
  3. En. Halim Mohd Bisri (Director)
  4. Dr. Ismail Hamzah (Director)

To emerge as a one-stop center for Food Safety & Halal Verification laboratory services to fulfil local and international requirements in multi discipline industries, by adhering to the MS ISO/IEC 17025 standards


We aim to deliver quality and timely services with utmost confidentiality


  • To assist in halal verification analysis
  • To deliver prompt and competent services
  • To ensure quality, confidentiality and reliability of tests results
  • To provide diagnostic and screening tools for food safety assurance