Wednesday, 20 February 2013

BioPryn for cow and goat

What is BioPRYN?

BioPRYN is a preferred means of  pregnancy detection in cows and goats.

  1. Accurate results 28-30 days post-breeding
  2. Convenient and versatile, allowing you to schedule pregnancy testing when it fits your schedule
  3. Cost-effictive and easier way to check for pregnancy than ultrasound
  4. Non-invasive and embryo-safe, reducing the risk of damaging a pregnancy and causing embryo loss.

Why BioPRYN?
  1. Provides flexibility in scheduling pregnancy testing dates
  2. Fits within synchronized breeding protocol
  3. Accurate results 28 days post-breeding
  4. Low risk to embryo


Open Females:
99% - 100% correct when a female is designated as not pregnant.  Animals can be safely re-enrolled in a synchronization program

Pregnant Females:
95% correct when a female is designated pregnant.  This percentage is lower due to early embryonic death.  Even though the embryo has died, some residual pregnancy protein may still present in the blood.